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When we, the Body of Christ, walk together in unity, we are promised a commanded blessing from the Lord (Ps. 133). What a promise from our King! Yet division has been the aim of our adversary since the beginning. He knows that if he can get us divided just enough, that we will lack the power that comes from being in unity.

Our individual end-time perspectives have been an easy place for the enemy to poke in order to get us divided. Many consider the topic of the end times as being divisive – as if it is either your way or my way. I see these perspectives as being unifying if we could appreciate one another’s view.

As we walk through these very tense times in our nation and world, everything is coming to a head. There are multiple perspectives of these times. I have divided them into 10 views. As you read each one, ask yourself which perspective(s) have you subscribed to thus far? Who knows? God may be expanding your view as you read.

1. Disciple-ers

The Disciple-ers passion is for mature souls to be established. Evangelism, discipleship, and church planting drive the Disciple-ers. They know that the time is short, so they are compelled to ensure that every person has an opportunity to hear the Good News. The Great Commission in Mt. 28:18-20 is the motivating Scripture for Disciple-ers.

2. Reformers

The Reformer’s goal is cultural reformation. They focus on going into spheres of influence to reform them with the light and principles of Jesus Christ. Some refer to these spheres as the Seven Mountains: Government, Media, Entertainment, Education, Family, Church, and Finance. Reformers aim to bring kingdom solutions to present-day problems. They are often found immersed “in the world,” so that they can influence it with Christ’s principles and strategies. Joseph and Daniel are two motivating examples for Reformers.

3. Justice League

A subset of the Reformer Group is the Justice League. The Justice League is focused on establishing justice in the Earth across a wide variety of issues including: – Securing freedom for the oppressed (unborn babies, those being trafficked, etc.) – Contending for religious liberty issues (separation from Church and State, etc.) and – Fighting against any form of oppression or control including the systems themselves Key passages for the Justice League are Is. 58:6-2, Is. 42:1-4

4. Intercessors

The intercessors’ cry is for holiness. They stand in the gap and repent on behalf of a people and a nation who has either gone asleep or gone astray. They recognize that our present-day adversity and bad harvest is a result of having sown seeds of ungodliness and idolatry in the past. They walk contritely with the Lord and willingly carry the burdens of our day hoping that His mercy might be poured out. Joel 2 is a motivating passage for Intercessors.

5. Revivalists

The revivalist passion is to see the Church revived by a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They desire everyone to be walking in both BOLDNESS (by proclaiming truth amidst ungodliness) and POWER (by demonstrating signs, wonders, and miracles.) The apostles are key role models. Their aim is for the goodness of the Lord to be displayed on the Earth. Acts 2, 4, and 5 are key passages for Revivalists.

6. Sound-the-Alarm-ers

The Sound-the-Alarm-ers feel compelled to warn the Body of Christ about impending trials and hardship. They take seriously the warnings from Scripture regarding a great falling away, those whose love will grow cold, and the trend towards being lukewarm. Their heart cry is to help the Church be prepared spiritually for the times ahead. Ezekiel 2, John 1:23.

7. Preppers

The Preppers cry is to be ready for the difficult days ahead. Like the intercessors, they are acutely aware of the coming shaking. Preppers will prepare physically for the days and leverage systems that can help. Sustainability and community are key objectives for preppers. Hebrews 12:27 is a key passage for Preppers.

8. The Designers

The designer’s vision is the millennial Kingdom. They’ve been entrusted with unique blueprints to create systems of purity that Jesus Christ will use to establish his kingdom economic governance system during the millennial Kingdom. These individuals are often hidden to protect their assignments from spiritual attack. Rev. 21:1-4 is a key passage for the Designers.

9. Beam-Me-Upper-ers

The Beam-Me-Up-ers hope is the rapture. They are aghast at what is happening in the world around them. Not sure what to think or do, they simply want to get out of here! These individuals are often lacking understanding of the times and feel powerless to play any meaningful part. Matthew 24:30-31 is a key Scripture for Beam-Me-Upper-ers.

10. Come-Out-of-Her-ers

The Come-out-of-Her-ers passion is is to come out of worldly Babylonian systems in attitude, thought, and action. These individuals are sensitive to what steps Holy Spirit is leading them to take. For example, some will ensure that their children are not taught by Common Core curriculum, others will refuse insurance which pays to abort babies, some ministries will leave their 501c3 tax status. Of course, we are all called to choose the attitude of love and forgiveness in a hate-based world. “Come out of her (Babylon)” is the motivating passage in Revelation 18:6-9.

Making Sense of Our Differences

Many, but not all prophetic perspectives are valid. For example, anyone simply waiting to be “beamed up” is lacking an understanding of the times as well as understanding how to fulfill their purpose until that great day occurs. Of the valid perspectives, most are taught with both meat and bones in them. Our job is to identify the meat, spit out the bones, and layer the prophetic meat from the various prophetic perspectives on top of one another until we have the most complete prophetic understanding of this season. As you test for any bones in the perspective(s) you subscribe to, remember this litmus test: Is this perspective being presented as the “only thing” on God’s heart at this time? If so, then you will want to be cautious that you don’t get pulled into this type of exclusion thinking. Pharisees thought this way and they loved division! Most importantly, we must ALWAYS subjugate everything under the authority of the Word of God. The Scriptures are always the first place to test everything. There is more we have in common in the Body of Christ than we realize. Don’t be duped into believing that one size fits all. Be a student of the Word, the Spirit, and the times we are in right now. [Originally Published February 29, 2019]