This prophecy is encouragement for those who for whatever reason do not feel prepared for this season in time. I heard the Lord say:

“First, I save the best for last. There is a new wine for those who are coming to the party late. ‘What party?’ you ask. The anticipation of the soon and coming King! There is a party for those who anticipate his arrival.

“This is the time of great exploits! This is the time of radical obedience, sold out giving, and surrendered living.

“This is the time when ‘No’ means ‘no’ and ‘Yes’ means ‘yes.’

“Double-mindedness is a thing of the past if you want to advance in My Kingdom.
“This life-giving wine is for those with good hearts but for one reason or another, have lost their edge. Whether from sickness, disappointment, distraction, or the stresses of life; they have become weak and even impotent.

“They long for more, but they fear it’s too late. In their heart of hearts, they know that they don’t have the stamina or faith for what is ahead. BUT I AM TELLING YOU, THERE IS NEW WINE THAT WILL REFRESH, ENERGIZE, EMPOWER, AND ANOINT FOR THE SEASON AHEAD. AND I GIVE THIS NEW WINE TO ALL WHO WILL SEEK ME DILIGENTLY AND WAIT UPON ME TO BE FILLED.

“For some, the filling will be experienced as a powerful impartation that will immediately propel them forward in all that I have for them. For others, the filling will occur over time as they wait on My Presence and My Word and rid themselves of the sin and distractions that have clouded their way.

“Either way, My new wine is available to all who ask.”