Cheryl-Ann Needham

Strategic & Practical  Intel to Help
Transform You & Accomplish Your Vision

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Do You have a Vision to Accomplish?

Have a destiny to fulfill?

Prophecies you want to reach?

A calling that is beckoning you?

A vision or assignment that only you can complete?

Living fulfilled lives in Christ is what we all desire.  You were born to be great!

Unfortunately for many of us, the path isn’t always so easy. We know what we are called to do, but often we lack the practical know-how to get it done. Stalled, derailed, underfunded, and exhausted is often the state of too many Christian visionaries.

They know the big picture, but they are often unclear about the specific and practical steps and secretly they feel powerless, unsure, and overwhelmed. They want to steward their vision with excellence!

Often, we respond to these challenges by doing what we know to do. We pray. We quote Scripture. We stand on our prophecies. Yet still, we don’t experience the momentum we desire.

  • Which are the right steps to take?
  • Where is the breakthrough to achieve my milestones?
  • Why do I lack the provision necessary?
  • Why are the right connections not coming to me?
  • Why can’t I gain the momentum to see consistent results?
And many others…

After working with clients across all 7 mountains,
I’ve learned three distinct challenges for visionaries:

Challenge 1:

Most visionaries have the 30,000 feet vision.
They need the STRATEGIC & PRACTICAL NEXT STEPS so they can save money and time.

Challenge 2:

Most visionaries are too close to the trees to see the forest.
They need OUTSIDE OBJECTIVE HELP to navigate.

Challenge 3:

Most visionaries have past success.
They need NEW SPECIFIC MINDSETS AND PATTERNS so they can achieve future success.

How I can help you:

My name is Cheryl-Ann Needham and I’ve helped leaders like you achieve their milestones by providing Holy Spirit intel for their opportunities, decisions, and challenges. As a result, my clients grew in CONFIDENCE that they were executing their vision God’s way and they avoided pitfalls along the way. My clients represent a tapestry of Kingdom visionaries including inventors, alternative systems architects, movie producers, university educators, serial entrepreneurs, innovators, and pioneers across all 7 spheres such as:

♦  A former Fortune 20 Risk Officer who is pioneering a Kingdom governance system to business, education, and non-profits.

♦  A multi-site hospitality owner whose passion is establishing apostolic prayer networks around the country to see sustained change to our nation.

♦  A creative producer who released a cinema-level movie to a secular audience that inspired hope amidst great darkness.

What do these three Kingdom Advancers have in common? They needed help and that’s where I came in.

In fact, over the years God has used me to save my clients over $50 million from bad decisions due to accurate, specific Holy Spirit Intel.

I helped them and I’d love to help you accomplish your milestones through one-on-one personalized Holy Spirit coaching.

Here are what a few of my clients have said about working with me:

Pam Gould

One session with Cheryl-Ann was worth $900,000! Her sensitivity to Holy Spirit continued to astound me as she spoke into many areas of my business, ministry, and personal life.

Pam Gould
Owner, Cornerstone Inn

Larry & Lori Hill

Cheryl-Ann has been a true blessing to us personally and for our business. Direction, vision, purpose has been upgraded, while doubts and questions have been quieted. We highly recommend her as someone who can help senior leaders in both business and ministry.

Larry & Lori Hill
Founders, and the Dokimos Project

Delia Ursulescu

I can't say enough how much I appreciate and how grateful I am for Cheryl-Ann's strategic & prophetic advising. It's not some kind of one-size-fits-all program, but it's personalized and relevant to the individual so that each person can gain clarity in their personal and business decisions. Having a wise, prayerful advisor who listens to God before making any suggestions can hardly be quantified in terms of impact; it's invaluable, in my opinion.

Delia Ursulescu

Joey Edge

Within minutes of being in Cheryl-Ann’s presence, the “why?” was answered. Her gifts include a solid prophetic voice that has brought us insight and clarity. When you incorporate all of her gifts, talents, and abilities combined with her business acumen, I am confident that you will find she is radically different than any business coaching and consulting opportunity that you would receive elsewhere.

Joey Edge
The Edge Companies

Steve Chelette

As a business owner I have found Dr. Needham's prophetic consulting to be very beneficial to navigating some challenging situations by helping vet people, proposals, strategies, and agendas. In today's volatile marketplace, prophetic consulting is a must have for Kingdom Marketplace Stewardship.

Steve Chelette
Chief Innovations Officer, HOPE Collaborators, LLC

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If you would like to receive these kinds of results, then I invite you to participate in my Introductory Prophetic Coaching Package
8 one-on-one personalized coaching sessions with me!

My Prophetic Coaching helps you:

  1. Execute your vision by providing specific and practical intel from God’s Spirit
  2. Achieve success by developing new mindsets and patterns critical to your vision
  3. Move forward with confidence by improving your accuracy in hearing God’s Spirit

What’s included:

Your Blueprint – First, I do a deep dive in the Spirit to determine God’s strategy for your coaching sessions. I’ll capture this in writing and then share elements of this intel with you throughout your 8 sessions. This is key because you execute your vision one step at a time!

Your Just-in-Time Intel – Second, the day of each session, I inquire of Holy Spirit for what you need to hear that day. Clients have found this most valuable!

Your Top 2 – Third, I inquire of Holy Spirit regarding your Top 2 questions that you email me prior to our appointment. This assures you that you’ll get the specific help you need!

You also get:

  1. Recordings of prophetic coaching calls – so you can enjoy a discussion with me.
  2. Transcript of prophetic coaching calls – so you can receive and not have to take notes!
  3. Notes if available – Often I’m able to provide you my notes of what I heard for you.
  4. Weekly day and time that works for you – Once your investment is completed, I’ll contact you to set up a regular appointment.

What’s your investment for this strategic, practical Holy Spirit coaching?

Option 1
8 weekly sessions for one payment of $2,000 via Pay Pal

Option 2
8 weekly sessions for two payments of $1,200 via Pay Pal

I’d love to help you see results with the vision God gave you!
And I’d like to help you become the “you” of your future so that you can achieve your dream.

I can only accept 8 new coaching clients at this time, the first 8 people who complete their investment through PayPal
will experience profound acceleration towards accomplishing their vision!